P La Cangri- Lo Que Viene

Once again, female power, passion, and sex appeal come seeping out of P La Cangri’s music. Hard at work in the studio for the summer P has cooked up a promising lineup of hits that are true to her work ethic and raw talent. Behind the tough Brooklyn-girl exterior is a beautiful soul that speaks of love, heartbreak and the struggles endured in the music industry that have shaped her unique and vibrant sound. In P’s world it’s all about staying true, never selling out, and daring to call out the opponent to a around-about of battling lyricism, but who will step up? Whether its the Cuban blood or the Puerto Rican influences fueling this star’s fire I can’t decipher, but what is real at any moment in her artistic trajectory is the love and dedication stamped on her product. Stay tuned for her new album’s release P La Cangri Viene Duro!


Jaynova Honors Women’s History Month this March!

Jaynova Honors Women's History Month this March!

Photograph by: Faby Martinez

My girl Jaynova here at her promotional photo shoot for her upcoming single release “Beat By A Girl.” This independent young lady, chose females alike to promote the message that women are a forced to be reckoned with!

Big Ups Jaynova!