Lession- Venezuela SOS

imagesCADHOBWMWhen’s the next flight out of here, I need to board my life before I give into fear. We make decisions off of visions, and if we act with precision, call it a mission, there will be no division between you and your dreams. Lived through it all, got on those high focal beams, He said: “All it took was patience”, I’m tossing in bed, wondering if he’s ever really there, God, are you there? Cause’ I’m doing my praying, but this all seems so unfair.
We just want to make it, fighting temptation, trying to avoid that bottomless pit. Let’s all climb the highest mountain, peak at the world like so did Einstein, and take a sip of that Jesus fountain… and let it all sink in. Let live through this blackened heart, life’s just so funny always tearing us apart. What if you choose to refuse the superficial muse, look at yourself and act right, put your brains to good use.
They’re still dying, mothers, fathers still crying, and your ‘share’ on Facebook did nothing more than get a look, while pissing off captain hook, but yes, they’re still dying, bodies and bags, bodies in bags multiplying, fetch her a shoulder ain’t no stopping all the crying, but you’re still denying, right? This shit does humanity no good, My god, get me flight, I need this picture out of sight.



I’m Thinking…

Photograph by: Toni Frissell

Photograph by: Toni Frissell

I’m thinking I should throw away the key, lock me up in this misery, weakness creeping draining me emotionally. I’m thinking I can’t do it without the pills, chill me out for a minute, let me get happy again than I’ll quite, but why? I’m thinking this here can’t overcome me, I fought so hard I just want be. Set me right, set me right, set me high, so high up truth can’t touch me, yes there’s no need to rush me, where do I go from here?

I’m thinking low can’t feel so low, recall his face that was a low blow. How could you change so abruptly, no warning just told me “I’m too young for this shit” and then go start acting crazy. When exactly did you realize, was it while I fantasized about us two getting legalized? I don’t know love like you do, where’s my guru no one told me my story would have no you. I’m trying to cope, figure it all out, kind of funny hoping someone big, real big, will add a beat and help me see it out.


Jhene Aiko Inspired


What’s it like to be admired? Body polished, fit, and wired. How does his touch feel on your skin not on mine. Is it delicate, cold, out of ten is it a nine? Where do I fall in his mind, thoughts distant, non-existent, hard to withstand. Does my visual cause glitches in your routine? Cast a spell on your manhood, hard to handle it’s Palestine. Is it true you might feign for me? How does your body fit with mine, ideal so epic that it may cross a line? Is it possible you and me, can I lay and fall to my dismay at your side eyes attentive, opened wide, is this real?

Where does my physical stand with you is it minimal or can I embrace for ever? Breath deep like I never, stand naked baring gold slightly, tarnished by other by it’s yours, do you want it? Is this too bold, will my light-almond focus be enough to invoke a caress far from friendly, for my pleasure mainly, do I stand a chance? Be front seat not side hit, will you play me off and prefer smooth nectar and tall, cut life lines before they crawl?

What Is It?


Battling yourself thinking light will come your way, why do we compare ourselves to another, we should love each other without any bother, but we kill to our dismay… Life’s purpose is set like a Lego set with a bet, they say dream within the realm of your vision, but how the hell can we live under constant supervision?

I take Cole’s truth, I take his word, I take his fault  in this process after all it’s one guy with a lot to say, a lot to portray, crooked smile and all no one’s denying him pay,It’s sex and dark life but truth is truth and hits cold like a knife. This is about nothing and everything you imagine, looks can be deceiving just look at the record on that beauty queen. What it is, is it you or is it me? It’s on the color of the beholder feigning her body with glee.