Lession- Venezuela SOS

imagesCADHOBWMWhen’s the next flight out of here, I need to board my life before I give into fear. We make decisions off of visions, and if we act with precision, call it a mission, there will be no division between you and your dreams. Lived through it all, got on those high focal beams, He said: “All it took was patience”, I’m tossing in bed, wondering if he’s ever really there, God, are you there? Cause’ I’m doing my praying, but this all seems so unfair.
We just want to make it, fighting temptation, trying to avoid that bottomless pit. Let’s all climb the highest mountain, peak at the world like so did Einstein, and take a sip of that Jesus fountain… and let it all sink in. Let live through this blackened heart, life’s just so funny always tearing us apart. What if you choose to refuse the superficial muse, look at yourself and act right, put your brains to good use.
They’re still dying, mothers, fathers still crying, and your ‘share’ on Facebook did nothing more than get a look, while pissing off captain hook, but yes, they’re still dying, bodies and bags, bodies in bags multiplying, fetch her a shoulder ain’t no stopping all the crying, but you’re still denying, right? This shit does humanity no good, My god, get me flight, I need this picture out of sight.



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