La Verdadera Perla

La Perla, Puerto Rico

La Verdadera Perla

Graffiti, skate park, hood-like community, passion,what else do you think of when you see this picture?
This was taken in La Perla, Puerto Rico, home to some of the most beautiful and talented people on this planet; and I’m not taking about looks. La Perla breeds passion, determination, love, and not just the wrongly judged “gangsta.”
Home to stars like Calle 13 and De La Ghetto, La Perla is pro active about bettering the lives of it’s youth-filled streets. El Estudio D’Oro is just one push towards growth and harmony. This free-of-charge studio welcomes all age groups to express their emotions through music. Ohh music, how you take the ugly and create the beautiful…

I pray for La Perla and stand proud by its people and its efforts to progress. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a diamond in the rough, or should I say a perla in the rough?


Jaynova Honors Women’s History Month this March!

Jaynova Honors Women's History Month this March!

Photograph by: Faby Martinez

My girl Jaynova here at her promotional photo shoot for her upcoming single release “Beat By A Girl.” This independent young lady, chose females alike to promote the message that women are a forced to be reckoned with!

Big Ups Jaynova!

Jaynova Celebrates Photoshoot


Photograph by: Faby Martinez

Incredible talent from Jamaican- Canadian female rapper is what Calgary sees these days.Nineteen year old Jaynova expresses her life ambitions through bass-pounding tracks like “Money Making Anthem.”

Want something a bit more smooth,? then listen to “My Story.” If you haven’t already, check out her recently launched REVERBNATION grind. 

How much can you take, and keep moving forward?


This hit me like a 50 foot wave. I’m here, we are here, living and breathing life not only into ourselves but into our children, brothers and sisters. I’m here missing him and I know you miss him/her too… look at your surroundings and there they are.Whatever it is that is hurting, you need yourself now more than ever. Don’t look back, don’t look at the future, look at this moment, and work for yourself. 

Live in peace and live with the people that strengthen your heart everyday. Let go of the bad memories, and the the people who drain your soul. Most importantly, make things happen for yourself. Men and women equally have opportunity.