El Jefe De La Versatilidad

El Jefe De La Versatilidad

De la Geezy is by far my favorite Latin Artist.
His mash up with Mavado Come Out n’ See, a street Jamaican anthem,
did it for me.
If you don’t know about this guy I suggest you go and do some research! –> @DeLaGhettoReal

Check some of my favorite work from DE LA GEEZY


Traficando- Arca & De La Geezy

Estos artistas urbanos siempre me llenan de felicidad
con su musica. Both proud to carry Dominican and Boricua
blood they bring the best to the genre.

Much love to you guys… and old one but good one 🙂

I Don’t Feel…


I don’t feel any sort of way, but I do feel every day you understand?

I feel the need to reach the top of the mountain, not made of sand.

My heart feels a call to the past, the steps of a meeting place,

My mind calls him again, yet I can’t remember his face.

I love you, I love you, in me is this feeling,

Juliet? more like bleeding heart left fearing…


PHASE II- Prince Royce Te Me Vas

At 23 years old, Geoffrey Royce Rojas, better known as Prince Royce, is quickly climbing the Latin music latter.
His second album PHASE II is yet another prove that Royce
is serious about his artistry.

Final verdict?
PHASE II is sexy, mature, and showcases his crazy pontential as a writer and vocalist. Big ups to Prince Royce!